Configure Date and Time Fields

A Date Time control allow users to enter date and time together. Optionally, add a Date and a Time control to your web form to allow users to enter date and time separately. The Date Time, Date and Time controls are available in the Basic Palette.

To configure a Date Time control:
  1. From the Basic Palette, drag and drop a Date Time control onto the canvas.
  2. Select the control and edit its properties on the Properties pane's General tab.
    Field Description


    An internal identifier that you will use to identify the control.


    Defines a link between the control and a data attribute.

    Computed Value

    Set this property to apply a computation to the control. See Create Computed Controls.


    Hint text that describes the expected value. This hint text will display in the control before users enter a value.


    Help text to display to users when they hover over or click the control’s help icon.

    Default Value

    Sets the default date and time that appears in the control when the form loads and the current control value is empty.

    Max Time

    Sets a maximum date and time users can enter in the control.

    Min Time

    Sets a minimum date and time users can enter in the control.


    Specifies a date format for the control. You can select from the available date formats such as yyyy-MM-dd, MM/dd/yyyy, dd-MM-yyyy and so on.


    Specifies events that trigger actions and conditions. You can customize the control’s behavior by configuring events. See Add Dynamic Behavior to Forms.

  3. On the Styling tab, edit the control’s styling properties.
  4. Click Preview to try out using the control.


When a user enters data into a Date Time control, the timezone information of the user is saved (in UTC). When other users access this data, the date-time information is displayed in timezones specific to them. This timezone conversion capability is available only in the Date Time control and not in the separate Date and Time controls.