View and Complete Tasks

Select and open a task to view detailed information about the task and also perform certain actions on it to complete the task.

In the task details window you can do the following:
  • Depending on the type of task, you can see actions that you can perform on the task such as Submit (if it is a submit task) or Approve and Reject (if it is an approve task).
  • Set the task's priority. The options available are Low, Medium, and High.
  • Click Save to save the changes you made to the task.
  • Click the More Actions button to choose an action that you can perform on the task.

Additionally, you have the following expandable sections on the task details window: Forms, Comments, Documents, History, and More information. Expand each of these sections to view details and complete the task if the task is assigned to you.

Section Description

View details and fill required information on the form attached to the task. If required, you can use the Expand Form/Collapse Form button.

Click SUBMIT from the Actions menu, and in the resulting dialog, click SUBMIT. Optionally, review the task form and enter information in any required fields of the form by clicking the View Details link. You can also add your comments in the Comments field before you perform the submit action.


Enter a comment for the task. Click Post to post the comment so that others can view the comment.

Note that by default the All Comments radio button is selected, and you can view all process level comments. If you want to view comments only for that particular task, select the Task Comments radio button.


Attach required documents to the task.


View the task's history.

More information

View general information about the task such as its state, Task Id, Instance Id, the user to whom the task is assigned, the due date (if any) for the task, the date on which the task was created, if any business identifier is associated with the task, and so on.