About Adapters for Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Oracle SOA Cloud Service includes a number of adapters.

All of the adapters delivered with Oracle SOA Suite are available for Oracle SOA Cloud Service, Oracle Service Bus, and Oracle SOA Suite domain types. Connectivity to on-premises applications should be verified, and either SSH tunnels or VPN service should be used for connectivity to on-premises applications.

See the Oracle Integration Adapters Certification Matrix for certification information about the various integration adapters.

Oracle Technology Adapters

See Understanding Technology Adapters ( | | | 12.1.3)

Oracle Cloud Adapters

Oracle Cloud Adapters are automatically installed and available as part of the Oracle SOA Cloud Service provisioned environment.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service supports the following cloud adapters for the SOA and OSB service types:


Certified Application Adapters

The following enterprise application adapters are available:

B2B Adapter for EDI

The B2B Adapter for EDI provides a comprehensive platform for the implementation and management of business processes utilizing EDI and its related standards.

The B2B Adapter for EDI is only available for use with the Universal Credits billing model and is billed as an additionally metered amount on the Oracle SOA Cloud Service OCPUs at the instance level during provisioning or scaling. After provisioning, the B2B Adapter for EDI cannot be disabled from an existing Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance.  The adapter can only be set during the initial provisioning process and can only be removed by deleting the instance.  Billing can be paused by stopping the instance, which stops the entire Oracle SOA Cloud Service VM. Another option is to create a new Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance without the B2B Adapter for EDI and migrate Oracle SOA Cloud Service projects and artifacts to the new instance. To migrate from an old Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance to a new Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance, see Migrating to the Cloud and Side-by-Side Upgrade in the Cloud for SOA on Marketplace, SOA Cloud Service, and MFT Cloud Service

It is recommended that B2B processing be done in an instance separate from your SOA processing so that you can dedicate resources to CPU intensive tasks like the batch processing of EDI transactions and not impact your real-time SOA transaction processing.  For existing Oracle SOA Cloud Service customers that have metered or non-metered Oracle SOA Cloud Service instances, the recommended path forward for using the B2B Adapter for EDI, is to provision a new Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance in the Universal Credits account, and then use that instance exclusively for B2B processing.  This allows you to run an existing SOA instance in parallel with your B2B instance.

You can download the B2B Document Editor to use with Oracle B2B from the Oracle SOA Suite Download page.

To download the B2B Document Editor:

  1. Accept the license agreements.

  2. Expand Free Oracle SOA Suite 12c Installations and then expand Recommended Install Process.

  3. Under Additional Components, click Download next to the B2B Document Editor components.