Restore the Domain Home

The restore operation shuts down all the running servers, along with Node Manager, and replaces the domain homes with the backup.


The cluster size of the Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance must be the same as the size of the domain backup. If the cluster size does not match, the restore is terminated with an error message.

Prerequisite: Enable backup and restore in the provisioning wizard or by editing the Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance. See Enable Backup/Restore configuration in Provision an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace Instance in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

To restore the domain home for all nodes in an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance cluster:

  1. Use the ssh command to connect to the Administration Server VM (as the opc user):
    ssh -i private_key opc@AdminServerVM_IP_address
  2. Change to the oracle user:
    sudo su - oracle
  3. Retrieve the backup object name from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage console:

    Click the Actions Actions icon icon for the backup file, then select View Object Details.

    Object menu showing View Object Details menu item

    In the Basic Information pane, copy the name of the backup file.

    Basic Information pane showing the backup object name

  4. Run the restore script to initiate the domain home restore, responding to the prompts for the WebLogic Server administration password, Node Manager password, and backup object name that you retrieved in the previous step:
    $ cd /opt/scripts/runbooks
    $ ./
    Enter the weblogic admin password : 
    Enter the weblogic nodemanager password :
    Do you want to start the servers after restore (yes/[no]) ?yes
    <Mar 08, 2023 01:41:52 PM GMT> <INFO> <> <( - Cannot delete the directory /u01/data/SOAMP_SOAMPDemo as it does not exist>
    Backup object name :