Managing Reassignment Requests

Service Administrators and Power Users can manage reassignment requests submitted by preparers and reviewers.

To view and approve or reject reassignment requests:

  1. Select Worklist.

    For Administrators and Power Users, the Worklist displays reassignment requests. Note that for Power Users, only reassignment requests that are within their security scope are displayed.

  2. Select a reassignment record.
  3. In Reassignment Requests, perform an action:
    • To approve all of the reassignment requests:

      1. If the requestor did not specify a name to whom responsibility should be transferred, in New User, enter a name. To apply this name to all requests, click Apply to All.

      2. Click Approve All.

    • To reject all listed reassignment requests, select Reject All.

    • To approve or reject individual reassignment requests, for each request, in Status make a selection.

  4. Click OK.