Using Teams

Teams can be defined and populated with users with various roles. A team with the User role will allow that team to be assigned as a preparer, reviewer, commentator, or viewer. A team must be assigned that role to perform that role.

When a reconciliation is created the team membership is saved with the reconciliation. This helps keep the history accurate and reflect who was working on the reconciliation. However, if an administrator makes changes to the team membership and wants to see it applied to the existing reconciliation, you can use the Refresh Teams option from the Actions drop down on the reconciliation in order to update the membership list stored with the reconciliation.

If you delete a member from a team, and that member has already completed work on a reconciliation as a preparer or reviewer, the system still displays that user as Preparer (Actual) or Reviewer (Actual). This is in addition to the current Preparer or Reviewer.


An individual user can be assigned to a maximum of 1,000 teams, either directly or indirectly.

To Create a New Team and Add Users to the Team

  1. On the Home page, select Tools , then Access Control, and then select Manage Teams.
  2. On Manage Teams, click New.
  3. For each team, on Define Team, enter the following:
    • Name


      You can create a team using the same name that you used earlier and deleted. Any objects that were previously linked to the deleted object will be associated with the new object.
    • Description

    • Roles

      Select a module, and then select roles for the team: User or Viewer. The User role allows the team to be assigned as a Preparer, Reviewer, or Commentator"

    • Members


      Search results will not include other team IDs or group IDs. Teams do not grant roles to member IDs; member IDs must already be provisioned with the necessary roles.

      To add members:

      1. In Members, click Add.

      2. Enter the partial or full First Name, Last Name, or click Search to select names.

      3. In Search Results, click Add, or Add All to add the selections to the Selected list.

      4. Select Primary User to have the reconciliations default to a Claimed status with that user.


        Other team members can then claim the reconciliations.

      5. Click OK.

Deleting Teams

To delete the entire team:


If a team has been assigned to profiles, then it cannot be deleted. To delete a team, remove it from all profiles to which it is assigned.

  1. From Manage Teams, select the team to delete, then in Actions, select Delete.
  2. At the warning, click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  3. Click OK and in Manage Teams, click Close.

Adding Users to Existing Teams

To add users to teams:

  1. From Manage Teams, select a team, then in Members, either click the plus sign (+) or in Actions, click Add
  2. In Select Users, enter the partial or full First Name, Last Name, or click Search to select names.

  3. Optionally, click Details, to see information about that user to confirm it's the right user.
  4. Select the user and use the arrow keys to Add the user to the right hand column, then click OK.
  5. On Edit Team, click OK, then in Manage Teams, click Close.

Removing Members from a Team

To remove members from a team:

  1. From Manage Teams, select a team, then in Actions, select Edit.
  2. Under Members, select the user you want to remove and then either click the X icon, or under Actions, click Remove.
  3. Click OK, then in Manage Teams, click Close

Editing Team or Member Details

To edit details about the entire team or edit member information:
  1. From Manage Teams, select a team, then in Actions, select Edit.
  2. Make changes to the name and description of the team, or the roles assigned. You can also change the list of members of that team or details for a particular team member.
  3. Once you are finished making changes, click OK, then in Manage Teams, click Close.