14 Creating Alerts To Resolve Roadblocks

If you encounter issues while working towards closing a reconciliation or while matching transactions in Transaction Matching, Account Reconciliation has an alerts feature to handle communication between the user having an issue and others users that may be able to help resolve the issue. Alerts also help administrators and managers analyze the types of issues that users encounter during the business cycle and make changes to prevent them in future cycles.

This feature includes:

  • Creation of alert types by administrators that can be associated with reconciliations and transactions and define a procedure that captures critical information and assigns key personnel for issue resolution. See Creating Alert Types

  • Creation of actual alerts by users when they run up against an issue and they can provide detailed information about that issue. Alerts include instructions, questions, attributes, and workflow and have their own templates, dashboards and reports.

    See Creating Alerts in Reconciliation Compliance and Creating Alerts on Transactions in Transaction Matching
  • Automatic creation of alerts through the use of rules that get triggered based on meeting certain conditions when there is a change of status. See Creating an Alert Rule

  • Centralized management of alerts for administrators through a new Alerts List available through a new card on Account Reconciliation Home. See Alerts