Creating Attributes

Create custom attributes from the Attributes tab under Application , then Configuration.

There are various tabs that display based on your entries to guide you through the attribute creation process.

  • Properties - contains the core properties of the attribute
  • Format - this tab only displays for Number type attributes
  • List - only appears for List type attributes
  • Calculation - contents of this tab depend on the Calculation type chosen.

Some of the tabs only display if you create a certain type of attribute. For example, if you select Calculation in the Properties tab, you will see the Calculation definition tab and you are guided through the required entries based on what you enter.

To create attributes:

  1. From Home, click Application, and then Configuration, and then select the Attributes tab.
  2. Click New (+). The New Custom Attribute dialog displays.
  3. In Name, enter an attribute name.

    Note that you can create an attribute using the same name that you used earlier and deleted for some reason. Any objects that were previously linked to the deleted object will be associated with the new object.

  4. In Type, select an option for the type of attribute.
  5. For certain type of attributes, an additional tab or additional fields are displayed.
    See About Custom Attributes for details about the additional information that must be provided.
  6. Click OK.