Add an HTML Answer in Source Mode

You can use source mode to create your answers using HTML source code.

Syntax is highlighted in source mode. You can also search and replace code.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click New.

    • If your navigation set is configured to add answers from the file menu, click File and select Answer.

  2. From the Content tab of an answer, select HTML as the answer type.
    HTML is the default answer type for a new answer.
  3. On the Question tab, click the Source icon on the HTML editor toolbar.
    When adding an HTML answer in source mode, most of the HTML editor toolbar icons are disabled.
  4. Enter the HTML code to create your question content.
  5. Click the Answer tab and enter the HTML code to create your answer content.
  6. To add a short version of your answer, click the Special Response tab and enter the HTML code.
    If you do not enter a special response, the content you created on the Answer tab is used.
  7. Click the Quick Preview tab to preview your answer content.

    Customer portal themes do not display on the Quick Preview tab. You can also preview the answer and select assigned access levels to view answer visibility by clicking Preview on the ribbon after you save your answer.
  8. Click Save.