Create gift cards

This section describes how to add gift cards to your catalog.

You create a gift card just as you do any other product in your catalog. This release of Commerce does not support electronic gift cards. You can sell only physical gift cards that are shipped to shoppers. See Integrate with a Gift Card Payment Gateway for information about integrating with a gift card payment provider to enable shoppers to use gift cards to make purchases on your store.

To add gift cards to your catalog:

  1. (Optional) Create a collection for gift cards. You can also add your gift cards to any existing collection in your catalog.
  2. If your store sells different styles of gift cards, create a new product type for gift cards. You will use the product type to add variant properties for the different types of cards or envelopes you want to offer. For example, the variant property Card Style could have the values Classic, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations.

    If your store sells only one style of gift card, you do not have to create a product type. Simply use the base product type.

    For more information, see Create and edit product types.

  3. Create a new product with the Gift Card or base product type.

    The List Price property specifies the gift card’s denomination. You must create a separate product for each denomination. For example, if your store sells gift cards in $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations, you must create four gift card products.

    For more information, see Create and work with products.

  4. Create SKUs for each gift card. For more information, see Create and work with SKUs.
  5. Add images for the gift cards. For more information, see Add images to products.
  6. (Optional) If your store uses a branded name for your gift cards, you can replace the phrase “gift card” with that name in places like your checkout page. For more information, see Customize your web store's text.