CSV file standards

Keep in mind the following standards for CSV files when importing data into Oracle Unity.

Learn more about CSV File standards for the Oracle Unity API from the Oracle Unity Developer Help Center.

Supported CSV standards

When creating and managing Secure FTP sources, you have the option of selecting the type of CSV parser:

Review the summary of specifications below for each CSV parser.

Parser Supports single-line data? Supports multi-line data? Field delimiters supported How double quotes (") are managed
RFC 4180 Yes Yes Comma (,) Multi-line data must be in double quotes. Single-line data may or may not be enclosed in double quotes.
Open CSV Yes No Comma (,), semicolon (;), pipe (|), tab (    ) Individual fields may or may not be enclosed in double quotes. If double quotes are not used to separate data, data will be parsed with the delimiter. Special characters must be in double quotes.

Importing empty or null data

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RFC 4180 parser

Open CSV parser

Creating sources

Creating ingest jobs

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