Adobe Target integration

Oracle Unity allows you to set up a data connection and export data to Adobe Target.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following parameters before setting up the data connection.

  • SFTP server name: The hostname for the SFTP server, formatted as

  • Authentication key: Prepare a text file that has the authentication key to access the SFTP server.

  • Folder name: The path name to the folder on the SFTP server that has the files to export.

  • Encryption key: If the exported file has a PGP compression format, prepare a file with the key to encrypt the file.

Step 1: Create the Secure FTP destination

After collecting the information above, follow the steps for creating an Secure FTP destination. The destination provides all the details for exporting the data.

Step 2: Create the campaign job

Once the destination is created and published, follow the steps for creating the campaign job that will export the segment data.

Step 3: Run the campaign job

Run the campaign job from the Campaigns page and monitor the status of the job from the Jobs dashboard.

Step 4: Import segment data into Adobe Target

Note: To upload segment data into Adobe Target, you must have Adobe Experience Cloud.

After the segment data is successfully exported, you can then import the segment data into Adobe Target. Learn more about Customer attributes and uploading data from the Adobe Target documentation.

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