Oracle DMP Integration

Integrating with Oracle DMP allows you to send Oracle Unity segment data into Adtech channels.

Note: This integration is currently under controlled availability. To learn more about enabling this feature, contact Oracle Support.

Understanding Oracle DMP

Oracle DMP is an enterprise-level, cloud-based tool that helps your organization by doing the following:

  • Unifies your data assets and provides a common data management system for intelligently managing all your marketing and customer interaction programs.

  • Gives you with tools to understand the entire customer journey, target more precisely, create and deliver more targetable media campaigns, and generate higher ROI’s.

  • Enables you to organize and categorize your consumer data from all sources, including your website, CRM database, and mobile apps, into a single hierarchical taxonomy.

  • Activates your data across multiple media execution platforms for targeting, optimization, analysis, and modeling.

Learn more about Oracle DMP from the Oracle Data Management Platform Help Center.

Exporting Oracle Unity segments to Oracle DMP

When you integrate with Oracle DMP, you can do the following: 

  • Send segments of known users created in Oracle Unity to Adtech channels such as Facebook.
  • Accelerate conversions.
  • Enable advanced segmentation of known users based on their content consumption and owned media.

The image below shows the workflow of exporting segment data out of Oracle Unity into Oracle DMP and then into Adtech channels.

An image showing the workflow of exporting segments to Adtech Service

Setting up the integration with Oracle DMP

To set up the integration with Oracle DMP, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create the HashedEmail attribute. This will allow you to import your organization's email data and properly format it for export to Oracle DMP.

  2. Update the existing ingest job that imports email address data so that it uses the new attribute and transforms the imported data in the proper format (Hash transformation).

  3. After importing your organization's email data into the Oracle Unity data model, you can export Oracle Unity segments to Oracle DMP.

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