Activating the integration in Oracle B2C Service

To activate the integration with Oracle B2C Service, you only need to use the B2C Service application to complete an initial setup and configuration, followed by activation.

Important: You can complete the initial setup and activation through the Configurator, which is an administration UI page and is available only through the BUI client. The Configurator is not available if you are using the .NET Agent Console to access B2C Service.

To activate the integration in Oracle B2C Service:

  1. In the B2C Service application, use the navigation menu to select Configuration > Site Configuration > Collaboration > Unity Integration. The Configurator page displays.

  2. An image of the B2C Service navigation menu

  3. Complete the details for the integration. If needed, contact the Unity and IDCS administrator for this information.

  4. An image of the Configurator page

    1. Complete the IDCS Credentials.

    2. Complete the Unity Credentials.

    3. Note: Make sure that the credentials of the user used for the integration has the privileges to ingest data into Unity (Data engineer, Data master, or Instance admin). Learn more about User roles.

    • URL: The URL of the Unity site that will be receiving incidents from B2C Service.

    • Username: The username of the user that will be used for the integration.

    • Password: The password of the user that will be used for the integration.

  5. After completing the details, click Activate.

If the details are successfully validated, the activation should go through and the integration will become functional. Incidents (and related objects) will start flowing from B2C Service to Unity.

Review the Mapping between Oracle Unity and Oracle B2C Service data when data starts ingesting into Unity.

Getting the IDCS Client ID and Client Secret

To get the IDCS Client ID and IDCS Client Secret, you'll need administrator access to Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Learn more about Retrieving Oracle Identity Cloud Service parameters.

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