Oracle B2C Service integration

You can integrate Oracle Unity with Oracle B2C Service to import customer support data into Oracle Unity. This allows you to gain better insight into your customers' behavior and preferences.

Note: Integration with Oracle B2C Service is currently under controlled availability. To learn more about enabling this feature, contact Oracle Support.

Understanding Oracle B2C Service

Oracle B2C Service creates, updates, and tracks incidents by recording customer support interactions until closure. These interactions could be in the form of phone calls, emails, web chats, and social media posts. Incidents contain crucial information about various aspects of such customer interactions, including the nature and length of the interactions, their outcomes, and even the underlying sentiment.

Learn more about Oracle B2C Service from the Oracle B2C Service Help Center.

Integrating Oracle B2C Service data with Oracle Unity

When you integrate with Oracle B2C Service and import incidents into Oracle Unity, you gain better insight into your customers' behavior and preferences. The improved insight can then be leveraged across the enterprise to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Here are a couple of examples that show how you can leverage this integration to benefit your organization:

  • The marketing department wants to improve the effectiveness of its campaigns by targeting them at the right set of customers and prospects. If a customer has opened several service tickets within the last year related to their product, that information can be used to offer a special price to upgrade to a new version of the product.

  • The extended warranty on your customer’s product is about to expire. The sales team can use this information to create a lead/opportunity targeted at the customer.

Setting up the integration

Setting up the integration involves completing the following tasks:

  1. Activating the integration in Oracle B2C Service

  2. After activating the integration, review the Mapping between Oracle Unity and Oracle B2C Service data. These mappings can't be modified.

Learn more

Oracle B2C Service Help Center

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