Managing segments

After creating a segment, you can review it along with all your other segments on the Segments page.

Accessing the Segments page

To access the Segments page:

  1. Click the Oracle icon Image of the application navigation button. Use it to access the different parts of Oracle Unity. in the bottom-right corner to open the navigation menu.
  2. Select Segments.

Working with segments

When the Segments page is displayed, it shows a list of all the segments created in Oracle Unity. The following diagram describes the different actions you can take on the page.

Image of the Segments page.

Callout number one Filters: Filter by Base Object, Tags, and Last Modified By. If you select tag filters, your selections will be automatically applied the next time you log in with the same browser.

Callout number two Quick filters: Use the quick filters to narrow down the list of segments: All, Recently updated, and Favorites.

Callout number three Search: Search for segments by the segment name.

Callout number four Favorite segment icon: The star icon indicates segments tagged as a Favorite. Hover your mouse over the icon and click it to add or remove a segment as a favorite.

Callout number five Segment details: Click the Arrow button An image of the more information button. Use it to view more information on segments.(or anywhere else in the row except the segment name) for the one you want to view. More information will display about the segment. Clicking the segment name will take you to the Edit segment page.

You can review the following information about the segment:

  • Description: Description of the segment.
  • Count: The number of customers within the segment. The value represents the last time the Count option was clicked on this page or when Get count was clicked for the segment on the segmentation canvas and the segment was saved.
  • Created by: Who created the segment and the date it was created.
  • Last modified: Who last made changes to the segment and the date of the change.
  • Tags: Tags added to the segment. Use tags to organize segments by using keywords.

Callout number six Action menu: View the action menu for a segment.

  • Edit: Change the items and conditions within the segment. You can also edit a segment by clicking the segment name. You cannot edit External segments.
  • Edit Segment Details: Manage the name, description, and tags for the segment.
    • Tag names must be 30 or fewer characters. Other than underscores (_), special characters are not allowed. The first character must be a letter. You can use characters from all languages supported in the language settings.
    • You can add up to five tags to a segment.
    • You can search for tags in the left-hand side of the page under the Tags filter.
  • Copy: Create a copy of the segment.
  • Delete: Remove the segment. This action is not reversible and deleted segments cannot be recovered.
  • Warning: Review your full list of segments carefully before deciding to delete a segment. If other segments include the one being deleted (segments within segments), then they will be affected as well by the deletion.

  • Count: Calculate the number of customers that match the criteria in the segment. If a count is already displayed, this will refresh the current count.
  • Favorite: Add the segment to your list of favorites.

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