Create a Matching Project

As an administrator, you can create matching projects on the Matching & Linking page in the DataFox app.

Before You Start

Here's what you need to complete before you create a matching project:
  • Connect DataFox to Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement. See Connect to Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement.
  • Determine if you want to use a CSV file or Procurement as the source to create a matching project.
    • If Procurement is the source of your matching project, make sure that you complete your field mappings. For details, see Set Up Field Mappings.
    • If CSV file is the source of your matching project, prepare a file with these column names:
      Column Name Required or Optional Description


      The supplier number. If you don’t have a value for this column, enter a sample ID.
      Name Required Name of the supplier.


      The corporate website or you can use the contact email domain if corporate website isn’t available. If you don’t have a value for this column, you can leave it empty. But make sure you create the column and name it URL.


      The taxpayer country. This can be International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code or the country name.
      Zip code Optional The postal code.

      It’s recommended that you include the optional columns mentioned in the table for a better match rate.

Here are some other recmmendations for a better match rate:
  • Clean up supplier names in Procurement by removing invalid characters like numbers or dates.
  • Enter the country and corporate website URLs if you have those details.

Create a Project

Here’s how you can create a matching project.

  1. Sign in to DataFox.
  2. Click your user name, and then click Settings.The image highlights the user name menu and Settings in DataFox.
  3. Click Matching & Linking.
  4. On the All Projects page, click New Matching Project.
  5. Enter these details in the New Project dialog box:
    1. In the Matching Project field, enter a name for the project.
    2. In the Source field, select either Import from Procurement Cloud to use Procurement or Upload from CSV to use the CSV file you prepared as the source.
    3. If you select Upload from CSV, in the New Project File field, upload the CSV file you prepared.
    4. Optionally, select the URL Required for Matching check box. If you select this, DataFox finds a match only if the supplier has a corporate website in Procurement or if you've included the URL in the source CSV file. Don’t select this check box unless you have the corporate website details.
  6. Click + New Project.

You can see a matching project created on the All Projects page with the status Matching in progress. Depending on the number of suppliers to match, the project can take up to a few hours to complete. Click the project you created to open the details page.

DataFox doesn't match inactive suppliers with companies. It also doesn't find matches for Individual and Foreign Individual type suppliers.

After DataFox completes matching companies with suppliers, the status updates to Matching Complete. You can then download the match report on the project details page. Next, review the match report and make any changes if required. For details, see Review the Match Report.