About this Guide

This section is a description of the guide's content and organization.

This guide is organized into the following sections:

  • About Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud—Overview information and a high-level process flow for using Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud.
  • Data Management—Topics and procedures for users who manage enterprise data. In general, users work with views, viewpoints, requests and update nodes.
  • Administration—Topics and procedures for administrators who set up users, applications, and enterprise data. This section also provides high-level procedures to achieve specific outcomes for certain business scenarios. Some of the tasks that Administrators perform are:
    • Registering external applications
    • Importing dimensions
    • Creating data chain objects
    • Provisioning users
    • Creating views
    • Exporting to external applications
  • Business Scenarios—High-level procedures to achieve specific business outcomes.
  • Glossary—Terms and definitions used in the product and documentation.