Adding an Existing Property to a Node Type for a User Defined Dimension

To add an existing property, you must be on the Properties for Dimension Node Type page. You access this page when you perform any of the following tasks:

Existing properties can either be system-defined properties such as Core.Description or properties defined by registered applications. For example, if a Universal application defined a Custom.Account Type property, the property can then be used by other node types.


Existing properties are listed on the Properties page, see Working with Properties.

To add an existing property to a node type, take the following steps:

  1. Click Select.
  2. Select the property, and then click OK.
    The Property for Dimension Node Type page displays.
  3. If the page contains a Property App Override Parameters section, configure any settings that apply to the property. The settings depend upon the property template, see Understanding Property Data Types and Their Parameters.
    For example, the Core.Description system property lets you configure the minimum and maximum lengths of its values.
  4. In Column Header, specify the column header of the import and export file column for the property.


    You must enter a column header.
  5. If the page contains Sync Direction, specify whether the dimension should be available for importing, exporting, or both.


    Statistical properties in the CoreStats namespace are not included in imports and exports.
  6. Click Next to return to the Properties for Dimension page.
    From this page you can add another existing property, create a new property, modify a property, or finish configuring the node type.