Adding, Removing, or Modifying a User Defined Dimension

When you configure a dimension for a Universal application, you specify settings such as whether nodes form a list or a hierarchy and whether the dimension allows shared nodes. You also add node types, define properties for node types, and specify settings for importing and exporting data.
To add, remove, or modify a user-defined dimension, you must be on the Add the Dimensions page. The following topics describe the ways to access this page:
If you want to change the viewpoint bound to a dimension, see Changing the Viewpoint Bound to a User Defined Dimension in Universal Applications.
Perform the following steps to add, remove, or modify a dimension in a Universal application:
  1. From the Add the Dimensions page, perform one of the following steps:
    • To add a new dimension click Add.
    • To modify an existing dimension click its link.
    • To remove a dimension click remove dimension button.
      remove dimension from Universal application example
    For add or modify, the Dimension Basic Info page displays.
  2. Specify the Dimension Name, and optionally a Dimension Description.
  3. From Dimension Type specify whether the nodes are a hierarchy or list.
  4. (Optional) In External Dimension Name, enter the name the external application uses for the dimension, segment value set, or other data domain.
  5. (Optional) Select Allow Shared Nodes if nodes can have multiple parent nodes in a hierarchy, see Understanding Shared Nodes.
  6. Click Next.
    The Node Types for Dimension page displays.
  7. For each node type you need to add or modify, perform the steps in Adding or Modifying a Node Type for a User Defined Dimension.
  8. To remove a node type, hover the cursor over the row containing the node type, and then click Button for removing the node type.


    When you remove a node type, the node type and its related data objects are unbound but are not deleted. This preserves the data contained by the node type.
  9. After you are done adding node types to the dimension, click Next.
    The Import and Export for Dimension page displays.
  10. (Optional) Configure import and export settings for the dimension, see User Defined Dimension Import and Export Settings.
  11. Click Next.
    The Add the Dimensions page displays, from which you can add or modify another dimension or finish registering the application.