Creating a Viewpoint

You can create a viewpoint to point to a different node set or to set the ability to edit properties or change permissible actions. For example, suppose you want to enable a data steward to view data but not make changes. You could turn off the ability to perform permissible actions, such as add, insert, and move and disable the ability to edit properties.


You cannot change a viewpoint.

To create a viewpoint:

  1. Inspect the view that you want to add a viewpoint to.

  2. Select Definition, and then click Create.

  3. From Application Dimension, select the application to use for the viewpoint.

  4. Define the name and description for the viewpoint, and then click Create.

    An inspector for the viewpoint opens. The viewpoint is in a draft state until you select a node set.

  5. Click Edit, select a Node Set, and then click Save.