Deleting Draft Requests

If you no longer need a draft request you can delete it. When you delete a request, any comments or attachments associated with the request are also deleted. You can also delete multiple draft requests at one time.

From a View

To delete a draft request:

  1. Open the view associated with the request.
  2. Click Requests request button (or request button, depending on your theme).
  3. To delete, click select ellipsis to the right of the request name, and then select Delete.

From Request Activity

From the Request Activity list, you can delete individual or multiple draft requests.

  • To delete an individual request:

    1. In the Actions column for the draft request, click ellipsis button and then click Delete.

    2. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

  • To delete multiple requests:

    1. Select the check box next to individual draft requests that you want to delete or click the check box in the header to select all draft requests.


      When you select all requests, only draft requests are selected.
    2. Click Delete Requests.
    3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    delete all draft requests