Configuring System Settings

You configure system settings to control system-level behavior such as email notifications. Use the Settings card in the Tools cluster to access system settings. You must be a Service Administrator to configure system settings.

Notification Settings

Notification settings enable you to configure the way the system sends email notifications.

  1. From Tools, select Settings.
  2. Perform an action:
    • In Send Notifications, click the check box to enable or disable sending email notifications for the entire system.
    • In Email Subject Prefix, enter a prefix for the subject line of system-generated emails to identify the environment from where the email was sent.
    • In Substitute Recipient, select a single default user to which emails should be sent instead of the primary recipient (such as request assignees, request collaborators, and request approvers). This can be useful when testing notifications in a test system. Only users with a defined email address are displayed.
  3. Click Save.