Alternate Name Property

The alternate name property is used to identify common nodes across different node types when locating and comparing nodes. It is also used to match nodes during file uploads when the node primary name is not provided.

To use the alternate name property, add the Core.Alternate Name property to the node types that will use alternate names. See Adding, Removing, and Configuring a Node Type's Properties.

After you add the alternate name property to the node types, you can use it in the following ways:

  • When locating nodes, the alternate name is searched for if the primary node name is not found. See Locating Nodes.
  • When comparing nodes, both the primary node names and the alternate names are evaluated for the comparison, with the primary names taking precedence. See Running Viewpoint Comparisons.
  • When loading request items, if the node name is not present in the file, the alternate name is used to locate and update the node. See Request Load File Format.