Oracle Enterprise Data Management

Select your pre-defined role, then use a checklist to get started on your first day.

Use these checklists on your first day! Follow the steps to do initial tasks like set up your security, configure applications import dimensions, perform comparisons, run validations. The checklists are organized by pre-defined roles for Service Administrators, Owners, Data Managers, and Users.

Service Administrator

As a Service Administrator, you are a technical leader. You create and administer Enterprise Data Management service components. For example, you can manage user security, create and migrate applications, and set up maintenance and backups.


As an owner, you are responsible for a business application or a subject area in your organization and you manage several functional areas in Enterprise Data Management. For example, you configure application metadata, assign permissions, define policies, and manage business rules.

Data Manager

As a Data Manager, you are a data steward or analyst. You load data and manage data quality. For example, you can import dimensions, perform comparisons, run validations, and resolve data issues.


As a User, you are a business user or auditor. You view or modify data and may approve requests or audit changes made by other users. For example, you can browse data through views or submit and approve changes using requests.