Synchronizing Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Dimensions and Mappings with EPM Cloud Applications

This sample scenario explores synchronizing a dimension between an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud application and an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud application.

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You use the scripts in this section to complete these tasks:

  • Export a dimension from an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud application

  • Export mappings from an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud application dimension

  • Copy the export files to an EPM Cloud environment

  • Import dimension metadata and mappings into the EPM Cloud application

To synchronize a dimension and mappings between an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud application and an EPM Cloud application:

  1. Create a script file by copying the following script:

    rem Integration example to sync application dimensions between EDM and EPM Cloud
    rem Windows script for demonstration purposes only; do not use in production environments
    set EDMUSER=userid
    set EDMSVR=https://hostname
    set EDMPWDFILE=example_EDM
    set EDMAPP=appname
    set EDMDIM=dimname
    set EDMLOC=location
    set EPMUSER=userid
    set EPMSVR=https://hostname
    set EPMIMPJOB=importjobname
    set PWDFILE=C:\Oracle\EPM.epw
    set DIMFILE=dimension.csv
    set MAPFILE=mapping.csv
    rem Synchronizing EDM ---> EPM
    rem Export Dimension and Mappings from EDM
    call epmautomate login %EDMUSER% %EDMPWDFILE% %EDMSVR%
    call epmautomate exportdimension %EDMAPP% %EDMDIM% %DIMFILE%
    call epmautomate exportdimensionmapping %EDMAPP% %EDMDIM% %EDMLOC% %MAPFILE%
    call epmautomate logout
    rem Log into the EPM Cloud environment
    call epmautomate login %EPMUSER% %PWDFILE% %EPMSVR%
    rem Copy exported files from EDM environment to EPM and import metadata and mappings
    call epmautomate copyfilefrominstance %DIMFILE% %EDMUSER% %EDMPWDFILE% %EDMSVR% inbox/%DIMFILE%
    call epmautomate importmetadata %EPMIMPJOB%
    call epmautomate copyfilefrominstance %MAPFILE% %EDMUSER% %EDMPWDFILE% %EDMSVR% inbox/%MAPFILE%
    call epmautomate importmapping %EDMDIM% %MAPFILE% REPLACE FALSE %EDMLOC%
    call epmautomate logout
  2. Modify the script file and set the required parameter values. See the table in Sample Scenarios for Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud for explanation and example of the parameters.

  3. Run the script manually or schedule it to run as needed. See Automating Script Execution.