Deploys or redeploys the calculation cube of an Profitability and Cost Management application.

Applies to

Profitability and Cost Management

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User


epmautomate deployCube APPLICATION_NAME PARAMETER=VALUE comment="comment" where:

  • APPLICATION_NAME is the name of an Profitability and Cost Management application
  • PARAMETER=VALUE indicates runtime parameters and their values to deploy the cube. Specify as many parameter and value pairings as the process requires. Valid parameters and their values:


    Parameter values (true or false) must be in all lower case.

    • isKeepData=true|false

      specifies whether to preserve existing data, if any
    • isReplaceCube=true|false specifies whether to replace the existing cube


      Values of isKeepData and isReplaceCube cannot both be set to true.

    • isRunNow=true|false specifies whether to run the process right away

  • comment is an optional comment enclosed in double quotation marks


epmautomate deployCube BksML12 isKeepData=true isReplaceCube=false isRunNow=true comment="Test cube deployment"