Imports reconciliations attributes into existing reconciliations from a file that you uploaded to the Account Reconciliation environment using the uploadFile command.

Applies To

Account Reconciliation

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User, Viewer

Users with Power User, User, and Viewer predefined roles may require additional application roles.


epmautomate importReconciliationAttributes FILE.CSV Period [Rules=RULE_NAME] [Reopen=true|false] [Dateformat=DATE_FORMAT] where:

  • FILE is the name of the CSV file that contains the reconciliation attributes that you want to import into reconciliations.
  • Period identifies the period to which the reconciliations belong.
  • Rules, optionally, identifies the rules that are to be run on affected reconciliations after importing attributes. Use comma to separate multiple rule names. Valid values are:
    • None: Runs no rules on affected reconciliations. This is the default value; it must not be combined with other values.
    • ALL: Runs all rules defined for the reconciliations for the specified period. This value must be used by itself; it cannot be combined with other rule names.
    • SET_ATTR_VAL: Runs the predefined rule to set attribute value.
    • CRT_ALT: Runs the predefined rule to create alert.
    • AUTO_APP: Runs the predefined rule to automatically approve the reconciliation.
    • AUTO_SUB: Runs the predefined rule to automatically submit the reconciliation.
    • EMAIL_ON_SAVE: Runs the predefined rule to automatically send email after updating the reconciliation.
  • Reopen, optionally, specifies whether to reopen changed reconciliations upon completion of the import operation. Default is false.
  • Dateformat, optionally, specifies the valid date formats (for example, MM-dd-yyyy, dd-MMMM-yy, MMM d, and yyyy to parse. You may specify multiple date format values separated using a semicolon.


  • Importing attribute values for a period and running multiple rules with many date formats:

    epmAutomate importReconciliationAttributes Reconciliations.csv "July 2020" Rules=SET_ATTR_VAL,CRT_ALT,AUTO_APP,AUTO_SUB" Reopen=true "Dateformat=MM-dd-yyyy;dd-MMM-yy;MMM d, yyyy"

  • Importing attribute values for a period without running rules:

    epmAutomate importReconciliationAttributes Reconciliations.csv "July 2020"

  • Importing attribute values for a period, running all applicable rules and reopening affected reconciliations:

    epmAutomate importReconciliationAttributes Reconciliations.csv "July 2020" Rules=ALL Reopen=true