Loads a viewpoint (a subset of nodes) from a load file into an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud application.

Viewpoint loads enable you to load data into viewpoints that are unbound, bound, or partially bound. The viewpoint load file, a CSV, Excel (XLSX) file or a ZIP file containing one CSV or XLSX file, must be available in the environment where you are loading the viewpoint. You can upload the load file to the environment using the uploadFile or copyFileFromInstance command.

Applies to

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate loadViewpoint VIEW VIEWPOINT PURPOSE FILE_NAME [loadType=ReplaceNodes|Merge]

, where:

  • VIEW is the name of an Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud view.
  • VIEWPOINT is the name of the viewpoint that you want to load.
  • PURPOSE is a text string, enclosed in double quotation marks, indicating why the viewpoint is being loaded.
  • FILE_NAME is the name of the file, with extension, from which the viewpoint is to be loaded.
  • loadType, optionally, identifies how to load viewpoint. Valid values are Merge and ReplaceNodes.
    • Use Merge to preserve existing relationships by processing incremental changes.
    • Use ReplaceNodes to clear all relationships (including orphan relationships and relationships used by other viewpoints using the same hierarchy set) from the hierarchy other than those from the load file. This is the default load type.


  • Merge incremental changes: epmautomate loadViewpoint USOperations Entity "Daily Upstream Load" data_Entity.CSV loadType=Merge
  • Replace existing hierarchies: epmautomate loadViewpoint USOperations Entity "Replace US Operations data" data_Entity.CSV