Import Data, Run a Calculation Script, and Copy Data from a Block Storage Database to an Aggregate Storage Database

Use the command sequence in this section to to import data from a file, refresh the cube, run a business rule to calculate the cube, and them push data to an ASO cube.

In this scenario, you run a sequence of commands to complete these steps:

  • Sign in to an environment.

  • Upload a file data.csv.

  • Import data from data.csv into the application using job loadingq1data.

  • Refresh the cube.

  • Run business rule RevenueAllocation deployed to plan type RollupUSSales with runtime prompts Quarter=Q1 Entity=USA to transform data.

  • Push data to an aggregate storage database using job CampaignToReporting.

  • Sign out.

epmautomate login serviceAdmin C:\mySecuredir\password.epw ExampleDomain
epmautomate uploadfile data.csv
epmautomate importdata loadingq1data data.csv
epmautomate refreshcube
epmautomate runbusinessrule RevenueAllocation Quarter=Q1 Entity=USA
epmautomate runplantypemap CampaignToReporting clearData=true
epmautomate logout