Switching to a Different Business Process

Oracle now allows Service Administrators to restore an environment to its original state, ready for you to create a new business process. The ability to restore cloud environments to their original state is especially useful if you are evaluating the various EPM Cloud business processes. The process of resetting a cloud environment and reverting it to its original state, known as re-creating the environment, must be performed separately for the test and production environments within the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud instance.

What is Affected When You Recreate an Environment

The process of recreating your environment deletes the current application, including all user-defined (custom) artifacts and data from the environment. If you want to preserve the data and artifacts in the current environment, you must perform a complete backup of the application before you re-create an environment.

The environment is not available for approximately 15 minutes, while the re-create process is in progress.

After re-creating the environment, you can create the same business process or a different one. You can also import a business process from a snapshot using Migration or EPM Automate.

What is not Affected When You Re-create an Environment

These are not affected if you re-create an environment:

  • Snapshot created during the last maintenance of the environment. EPM Cloud always retains the maintenance snapshot

  • Users that you created in the identity domain that serves the environment

  • Users to role assignments that you completed in the identity domain

To re-create an environment:

  1. As a Service Administrator, sign into an environment that has a deployed business process. See Accessing EPM Cloud.
  2. On the Home page, access Settings and Actions by clicking your user name at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Recreate Service.
  4. Click OK to initiate the re-create process and to confirm that you are aware of the consequences of re-creating the environment.