Ensuring that Users Can Run EPM Cloud Utilities After Configuring SSO

Some Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud client components; for example, EPM Automate, do not work with the SSO credentials that you use to access your organization's network resources.

In SSO-enabled environments, the accounts of all users, generally Service Administrators and Account Reconciliation Power Users, who need to work with EPM Cloud utilities, must be configured to maintain identity domain credentials. Identity Domain Administrators, while creating a user account in My Services, may select the Maintain Identity Domain Credentials to enable a user to maintain identity domain credentials.


Users whose accounts are configured to maintain identity domain credentials will see two sign in options—Company Sign In and Traditional Cloud Account Sign In—when you use a browser to access an environment. All other users will see only the Company Sign In option.

To modify a user account to maintain identity domain credentials:

  1. Sign in to My Services as an Identity Domain Administrator. See Accessing My Services for instructions.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Action next to the user whose account is to be modified to maintain identity domain credentials, and then select Modify.
  4. Select Maintain Identity Domain Credentials.
  5. Click Save.