Setting Content Update Start Time

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud business processes and applications may, sometimes, require a content update to accommodate the changes introduced during the daily maintenance of an environment.

What is Content Update?

Content update propagates the changes introduced during the daily maintenance of an environment. If a content update is required, Oracle creates and schedules a content update job, which will, by default, be executed 12 hours after the daily maintenance is completed. All activities in the environment are suspended while content update is in progress. If other jobs are active in the environment when the content update job is scheduled to start, the content update job waits for three hours after which it is rescheduled for the next day. If a similar situation prevails at the content update scheduled start time on the next day, the update job is forcibly executed during the next daily maintenance.


Self-service content update is supported only for Planning Modules, Oracle Sales Planning Cloud, and Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud business processes.

Content update for Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting business processes is performed immediately after completing daily maintenance.

Service Administrators can determine when content update processes starts by specifying an offset in relation to the daily maintenance start time. You can schedule it to begin any time within a 3 to 12 hour window after daily maintenance start time. Content update can be deferred for a maximum of 12 hours. Oracle will create and schedule a new content update job based on your setting.

Because Oracle performs a cube refresh after content update, application customizations; for example, incomplete changes to the outline and metadata, may cause the content update to fail. In such cases, a Service Administrator should sign in to the environment and remove the customizations or complete the changes that caused the cube refresh to fail. If content update fails, the environment becomes inaccessible using REST APIs and the EPM Automate.

If a Service Administrator signs into an environment for which content update is scheduled, a screen indicating the scheduled content update is displayed. From this screen, the Service Administrator can start the content update or schedule it for later.


To view the progress and details of the content update process, use the Jobs console, which you can access by clicking Jobs in the Application cluster in the Home page.

To specify content update start time:

  1. Access an environment as a Service Administrator.
  2. Click Tools, then Daily Maintenance, and then Upgrade.
  3. Using Hours and Mins drop down lists, select the offset time for starting the upgrade. This offset is in relation to the daily maintenance start time.
    If daily maintenance is in progress at the content update start time, the environment will wait for the maintenance process to end before starting content update.
  4. To always start the content update at the default update start time, select In the future, automatically update the application content.
  5. Click Save.