Creating a Custom Description for an Environment

Can I Change the Service Name of an Environment?

Each environment in your subscription is assigned a name at the time Oracle provisions your service. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud does not allow you to change these names.

How Can I Distinguish Services with Similar Service Names?

Identifying a specific environment, at times, is difficult if you have many environments with similar names. You can resolve this issue by creating a custom description in My Services for each environment.

  1. Sign into My services. See Accessing My Services.
    A Sample My Services Dashboard
  2. On Dashboard, click the name of the environment, for example, Planning, for which you want to create a custom description.

    The Service Status screen is displayed.

  3. In Description under Overview Information, type in the new description that you want to display in the dashboard.
  4. Click Dashboard to return to the dashboard. The new description appears below the name of the environment.