Configuring Synchronous Mode

In synchronous mode you configure a web server as a gateway to enable inbound communication from the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

The typical deployment model is shown below:

Image shows a typical EPM Integration Agent deployment.


For more information about the synchronous mode, see Understanding EPM Integration Agents and Understanding Agent Clusters.

To configure a web server as a gateway for synchronous mode:

  1. Configure an HTTPS web server that uses a trusted certificate from CA.

  2. Define the Reverse Proxy in your Web Server configuration to route the request for context/epmagent to the Agent URL.

    For example, if you are using an Apache server, add the following entry to the httpd.conf file:

    VirtualHost *:443
          ProxyPreserveHost On
          ProxyPass /epmagent http://Agent Server:9090/epmagent
          ProxyPassReverse /epmagent http://Agent Server:9090/epmagent
  3. From the Data Integration home page, click Actions, and then select Agent.

  4. From the Agent Cluster screen, select the name of the agent.

  5. From the Agent tab, and then in Web URL, define the Web URL as:

    https://WebServer URL

    The following image shows the Web URL field on the Agents tab.

    Image shows the Agent tab.

  6. If you have multiple agents, define the proxy settings as follows:

    agent1/epmagent  http://Agent Server:9090/epmagent
    agent2/epmagent  http://Agent Server2:9090/epmagent

    On the Agent tab, define the Web URL as follows:

    https://WebServer URL/agent1
    https://WebServer URL/agent2


Oracle recommends that you work with your network and web server administration to configure the web server and proxy configurations.