Performing a Quick Mode Load using the EPM Integration Agent

Use the Quick Mode method to load data from your on-premises data sources to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud using the EPM Integration Agent. When you integrate the on-premise data source with the EPM Cloud target using the EPM Integration Agent, the system executes a SQL query on the source data in the on-premise relational database, offloads processing, extracts and transforms the data at the source level, and then loads the data loaded directly to a data export on-premises database file. In this way, the EPM Cloud database is bypassed for staging and processing, eliminating any performance bottlenecks and improving the performance and scalability of the load process.


For information using Quick Mode method to load data "as is", see Quick Mode to Export Data.


The Quick Mode method is only available for Planning and Planning modules.


Consider the following points associated with a Quick Mode method using the EPM Integration Agent:

  1. When you create and save a Quick Mode load integration job, you cannot later change it to a standard integration job. However, you can delete the data load integration job.

  2. When mapping dimensions, target expressions types are supported. Target expressions enable you to transform the source value read from the source to target dimension values to be loaded to the target application.

    Target expressions that can be used for the Period dimension include substring(), split(), map() toPeriod() and toYear().

    With the exception of the SQL target expression type, all remaining target expressions are supported.

  3. When mapping dimensions, source expression types are not supported.

  4. Mapping members is not supported.

  5. If you select Level 0 data extract method, the system creates a "DM BR Data Export " business rule to perform the data extract.
  6. You can specify a single period during execution in which case all the data is loaded to the single period. The other option is to derive the period dimension based on the source system period name using toPeriod and toYear target expressions.

  7. When running the Quick Mode load, only the Replace export mode is supported.

    No import modes are available.

  8. A direct drill though to source is required when data is loaded using Quick Mode method. For more information, see Using Direct Drill.

  9. You cannot execute the Quick Mode load integration using EPM Automate.