Starting the EPM Integration Agent

You can start the EPM Integration Agent from a command line by specifying the name of EPM Integration Agent and the file name with the full path of the INI file to be used during the startup.

On startup, the agent makes an authorization call to the selected Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud URL to authenticate the user’s credentials. Upon a successful authentication, the EPM Integration Agent is registered in the EPM Cloud environment by storing the agent’s host and port in the EPM Cloud environment's database.


If you use a Windows service to start the agent, use the Windows service console. For more information, see Running the EPM Integration Agent as a Windows Service. If you are not using the Windows service to start the agent, then instead use the bat file steps described below.

To start the EPM Integration Agent:

  1. Start the Command Prompt from the Start Menu (in Windows 10 and Windows 7) or the Start Screen (in Windows 8.1).

    To run the command prompt as an Administrator, right-click or tap and hold on its shortcut, then open the sub-menu and click or tap Run as administrator.

  2. Type the following command with two parameters:

    epmagent.bat Agent Name ini Parameter file name

    • Agent Name: Specify the unique name of the agent. Letters and numbers are permitted. Spaces and special characters are not permitted.

      You can ignore Agent Name parameter if it is specified in the agentparams.ini file.

    • ini Parameter file name: File name with full path of the agentparams.ini file to be used during startup.

    For example, if the agent name has been specified in the agentparams.ini, type:

    epmagent.bat C:\EPMAgentData\config\agentparams.ini

    If the agent name has not been specified in the agentparams.ini, type:

    epmagent.bat myagentname C:\EPMAgentData\config\agentparams.ini