Using Detailed Member-Level Mapping

You use detail member-level mapping to include selected members of a dimension while moving data from one cube to another cube when working with exceptions. That is, member-level mappings do not need to be defined when source and target members are the same or do not require any roll-up member mappings or transformations. Including detail member-level mapping while moving data is useful when you need to define complex members to or from multiple dimensions or from a single dimension between members with different names. Mapping is required when the members in the source cube do not match the members in the Target cube

Detail member-level mappings include:

  • Simple Mappings: One to One mappings between source and target members
  • Roll-up Mappings: Multiple members on a source to a single target member.
  • Multi-Dimension Mapping: Multiple dimensions mapping enables you to map two source dimensions to one target dimension or one source dimension to two target dimensions.
  • Substitution Variable Mapping: Select a Substitution Variable so that it is referred and picked-up during the Data Push/Smart Push instead of explicitly mapping a dimension member in the source.