Chart Designer Views

The view tabs for the chart designer enables you to preview the chart, define the chart data, and edit the data source for the chart.

Chart Presentation

Chart Presentation view enables you to see how the chart will be displayed with the current property settings. You can adjust the chart properties and preview the chart.

Chart Data

Chart Data view enables you to select the rows and columns from a grid to include in a chart. When defining chart data, you identify the rows and columns from the controlling grid that contain the data to display. You can reference data or formula rows and columns by selecting contiguous or non-contiguous rows and columns for the data range.

If you are designing a line, bar, or combination chart, you can reference multiple rows or columns from the grid. If you are designing a pie chart, you can reference any single row or column from the grid, depending what the Series/Groups property is set to. If Series/Groups is set to Rows/Cols, you select a single column for the pie chart. If Series/Groups is set to Cols/Rows, you select a single row for the pie chart. When you define a combination chart, you specify the data rows and columns for the bar and line.

Charts display aggregate rows or aggregate columns that expand. For example, if you specify a row that contains a function that retrieves ten child members, the chart displays ten data sets, or one data set for each child member.

To define chart data:

  1. Click the Chart Data tab.

  2. Click the headers of the rows and columns that you want to include in the chart.

Source Grid

Source Grid enables you to edit the grid that the chart is based on. You can change the data source to a different grid, or you can edit the source grid's dimension layout, member selection, and properties. You can also create formula rows and columns in the source grid.