Report Designer Toolbar

The toolbar lets you do the following:

edit and preview buttons Edit/Preview

Use Edit and Preview to toggle between Edit and Preview mode. Edit mode allows you to make changes to the report, grids, or charts, while the preview mode enables you to see how the report will look when it is published.

While in preview mode, use actions - Actions menu to do the following:

  • To switch your preview between PDF and HTML.

  • Download as PDF - You can download a Report as PDF.

  • Download as Excel - You can download a Report as an Excel.


Depending on your browser settings, you may get a javascript error during processing when you preview a report with large grids or charts in HTML. Check the Don't ask again check box, and then click Continue to continue on to the HTML preview.


If the report results are too large to be rendered in the browser, you are prompted to download the report as a PDF where you can either select button to download or cancel button. to cancel the operation.

insert button Insert

Use Insert to add report objects to the report. See Inserting Report Objects.

properties button Properties

Use Properties to display or hide the properties panel.

actions button Actions

Use Actions to edit report objects and to control view options, such as grid lines, guides, and rulers.

Service Administrators can define a default font for management reports by selecting Set Default Font and selecting the font and size for the reports. This setting applies the default font to all reports for all users.

Report Designers can still customize the font in grid cell formatting, chart text and labels, and individual text boxes.


If a custom font is loaded, it can be set as the default font. See Uploading Additional Fonts.


When uploading additional fonts to Narrative Reporting, you are responsible for the proper licensing of the fonts from the font vendor. For example, if you upload the Microsoft font "Times New Roman," you must obtain the licensing from Microsoft to do so. Uploading a Microsoft font sourced from a Windows machine is not typically covered by the legal use agreement from Microsoft.


For Arabic fonts, only the following are supported in Reports:

  • Arial Unicode MS 1.01

  • Lateef 1.0

  • Scheherazade 1.0

  • Simplified Arabic 1.01

  • Simplified Arabic 5.00

  • Simplified Arabic 5.92

  • Traditional Arabic 1.01

  • Traditional Arabic 5.00

  • Traditional Arabic 5.92