Report Properties

Use the properties panel to view and edit two types of properties in a report:

General Properties

General properties control the page settings for the report, such as page size and orientation, margins, and header and footer size. Changes made to the general properties affect all pages of a report. The Fit to Page property allows fitting the report’s PDF output to the length, width, both, or none.


Use the Border field to place borders around the report header, footer, and body. You can adjust the header and footer size by dragging the header or footer line on the design canvas.

Layout Properties

Layout properties affect the size and positioning of a selected report object, such as the horizontal and vertical alignment and the size of the indent.

Use the Size field to set the width and height of the report object. For text objects, you can also select one of the following options:

  • Fixed (equivalent to AutoSize=Off): The text object height will not increase or decrease. If the relevant text does not fix in the design time height, it will be truncated.

  • Fit (equivalent to AutoSize=On): The text object height will increase or decrease as necessary to fit the relevant text. The height will be resized as needed, up or down, to fit the text.

  • Minimum: The text object height will be at least that which is specified in the report design. If more height is needed to show all the relevant text, it will increase as needed. It will not decrease.

Use the Placement field to control the way the report object is printed on the page relative to other report objects:

  • Fixed: Places the report object in a fixed location.

  • Relative: Places the report object in a location relative to other report objects to the left (Horizontal Position) or above it (Vertical Position). The selected report object adjusts its location when the size of the other report objects change.

Use the Border field to place borders around a report object. You can select the border style and color.

Changes made to the layout properties affect only the selected report object. You must select a report object before you can view the layout properties.

For image objects, there is a Fit To Page Width property, when enabled, will stretch the width of the image object to fit the width of the report. By default, this property is disabled.


  • This property is not applied if there is another object next to the image.
  • Only the image object width is affected by this property, the image object height is not affected.


When you edit a report object, the properties panel displays more detailed properties for that object. For more information, see: