Working with Conditional Formatting, Text, and Suppression

Conditional formatting, text and suppression enables you to customize grid and text results that meet the criteria that you specify.

Conditional Formatting enables you to apply formatting to cells in a grid if the values in those cells meet predefined conditions. For example, you can highlight all cells in a grid that contain a data value of zero with a yellow background.

Conditional Text enables you to generate dynamic text based on predefined conditions and a combination of static text and text functions, which return member labels and data values to complete the resulting text. For example, you can display text for a variance values over 10% using the following text and text functions: MemberAlias("Entities") revenue value of CellValue("A") was CellValue("C") above Plan to return something like the following text in a text box, row or column: . "Division ABC revenue of 18,719 was 12% above Plan" Conditional Text that defined is inserted into a Text box, row, column or cell using the ConditionalText text function. See ConditionalText

Conditional Suppression enables you to suppress rows or columns in a grid based on specified attributes or values. For example, you can suppress all rows that contain cells with data values under 100.


When performing suppression on rows or columns for zero, no data (#missing), or error values, it is recommended to use basic suppression and not conditional suppression for better performance and efficiency. Basic suppression can be applied to the entire grid or specific rows and columns.

For more information on using conditional formatting and suppression with grouping, see Conditional Formatting and Conditional Suppression with Groupings topic.

Watch this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to apply conditional formatting and suppression in management reports.

video icon - Applying Conditional Formatting and Suppression in Reports.

Watch this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to apply conditional text to management reports.

video icon -- Applying Conditional Text to Reports.