Migrating Offline Strategic Finance Models to Strategic Modeling Using a Browser

You migrate an offline Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance model by using it as the source while creating a Strategic Modeling model.

To migrate an offline Strategic Finance model:

  1. Access Strategic Modeling as a Service Administrator.
  2. Create a model. See Creating a Strategic Modeling Model in Administering Planning Modules for detailed instructions.


    While creating the model, on Create New Model: General, be sure to select the following:
    • In Create Model From, select Local File.

    • In Select File, select one of the previously prepared Strategic Finance model (ALC) file.

      The default location of the Strategic Finance model files that you take offline is EPM_ORACLE_HOME\products\hsf\Client \offline\server_hostname\database_name directory (generally, Oracle \Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\hsf\Client\offline \server_hostname\database_name ) on the computer where Strategic Finance is deployed.
      Create New Model: General Screen

  3. Enter other required settings for the model.
    You may choose to keep the time structure and source model data from the Strategic Finance model that is being used as the source. If you opt not to use the source model data, you can choose a different currency and currency unit. Similarly, you can place the model at root model to build a model hierarchy or deselect the Place At Root checkbox to add this model as a child of another model that you select in Parent Model.
  4. Click Next to cycle through the remaining screens and specify additional settings. On Review, click Create Model.
  5. Click OK to finish the process.
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 for each model you want to migrate.