Hiring Employees

When you hire an employee, you associate the employee with an existing hiring requisition.

When you hire an employee, you add them as a member to the Employee dimension. Then you associate the employee to a hiring requisition (TBH), which assigns their FTE and headcount to the application. (For information on hiring requisitions, see Managing Hiring Requisitions). After you reconcile the new employee with a hiring requisition, you manage the employee's workforce information on the Existing Employees form.

To associate a newly hired employee with a hiring requisition:

  1. Click Compensation, then Manage Employees, and then New Hires.

  2. Click the row containing the hiring requisition to associate with the new hire, then Actions, and then Associate Employee.

    The new employee's compensation expenses are added to the totals, and the headcount and compensation expenses for the hiring requisition are cleared.