Updating Employee Compensation

Depending on your application's granularity, on Employee Details, you can update such information as salary, Performance Ratings, FTE, Employee Type, Union Code, and Demographics.


You can also quickly update and process data on multiple existing employees. See Updating Multiple Employees and Jobs Details.

To view and update employee compensation:

  1. Click Compensation Planning icon for Compensation Planning, and then Employee Details icon for Employee Details vertical tab.
  2. To update an employee's salary, select the employee from the POV, and then:
    1. Click the Actions gear, and then Change Existing Details.
    2. From Change Employee, select Salary, and then click Next.
    3. Select the Year and From Period as the effective date for the updated salary.
    4. From Salary Options, select:
      • Salary Defaults: Select to set the salary based on the salary defaults, which are set on the Defaults tab of Compensation Planning.
      • Salary Basis and Rate: Select to directly enter the salary rate (for example, 6000) and basis (for example, Monthly).
      • Salary Grade: Select to set the salary by selecting a salary grade. Your administrator imports salary grades, and you set the defaults for new hires by selecting Compensation Planning, then Assumptions, and then Salary Grades.

        If you don't select a salary option, then the salary defaults are used. Selecting either Salary Basis and Rate or Salary Grade overrides any salary default assignments.

    5. Click Launch.

      The employee's salary is calculated during the time range you specified.