Viewing and Exporting the User Group Report

The User Group Report lists the direct or indirect membership of users assigned to groups in Access Control.

Users are deemed to be direct members of a group if they are assigned to the group; they are considered indirect members if they are assigned to a group which is a child of another group. For each user assigned to a group, the report lists information such as the login ID, first and last name, email ID, and a list of comma separated groups to which the user is directly or indirectly assigned. The direct groups are displayed in bold font, while the indirect groups are in non-bold font. The CSV version of the report indicates whether the user is directly or indirectly assigned to a group by using Yes or No.


This report is not applicable to Account Reconciliation and Narrative Reporting.

To regenerate the User Group report:

  1. Open Access Control. See Opening Access Control.
  2. Click User Group Report.
  3. Optional: Filter the report. From the drop down list select Users or Groups. See Using Search for instructions on using the Search feature.
    The User Groups report is displayed. By default, the report is sorted by User Login values.
  4. Optional: Click Export to CSV to export the report into a CSV file.
  5. Click Cancel to close the report.