Importing Group Assignments of Users from a File

Service Administrators can import group assignments of users from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file to create new assignments in an existing Access Control group. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud enforces application-level and artifact-level security assignments based on the new group assignments.


All User Logins identified in the import file must exist in the identity domain; all group name included in the file must exist in Access Control. You cannot create a group using this import process.

You can only create new group assignments; you cannot remove users' current group assignments.

The import CSV file format can be as shown in the following illustrations:
A Sample Group Import File Format

A Sample Group Import File Format

This format is identical to the CSV version of the User Group report. If you use this format, the import process ignores all columns other than User Login and Group. An easy way to create an import file is to export the current User Group Report and then modify it as needed. See Viewing and Exporting the User Group Report.

To import group assignments of users:

  1. Open Access Control. See Opening Access Control.
  2. Click User Group Report.
  3. Click Import from CSV.
  4. Using Browse in Import User Group Assignment CSV, select the import file.
  5. Click Import.
  6. Click Yes.
    On completing the import process, a confirmation dialog box, which identifies the total number of processed assignments and status, is displayed.