Import Metadata

Imports metadata from a file in the Planning repository into the application using the import metadata settings specified in a Planning job of type import metadata.

You can also override some of the parameters of the job definition while executing this job from a REST API.


Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the client request specific to this job. For parameters that are generic to all jobs, see Execute a Job.

Table 5-15 Import Metadata

Name Description Required Default
jobType Import Metadata or IMPORT_METADATA (both parameters are supported) Yes None

The name of a job of type import metadata defined in the Planning application.

Example: importAccount

Yes None

Optionally, you can specify the name of the ZIP file from which metadata is to be imported. The contents of the ZIP that you specify take precedence over the file names defined in the job. The ZIP file may contain one or more CSV files.

The file names containing metadata for dimensions should match the import file names defined in the job or end with _DIMENSIONNAME.csv; for example, metadata_Entity.csv, metadata_HSP_SmartLists.csv, and metadata_Exchange Rates.csv.

Only metadata for the dimensions for which metadata import is set up in the job is imported. Metadata for other dimensions, if contained in the ZIP file, is ignored.

Example: {}

No The import file name defined in the job definition.

You can override the option to perform a refresh cube action defined in the job.

Allowed values are either true or false.

No “Refresh Database if Import Metadata is successful” parameter of the job definition.

Sample Payload

Example: Executes the job "ImportMetaDataJob" and overrides only the importZipFileName parameter.

    "jobType": "IMPORT_METADATA",
    "jobName": "ImportMetaDataJob",
    "parameters": {
        "importZipFileName": ""