Import Security

Imports the security records or access control list (ACL) records from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. For information about access permissions to application artifacts, see Setting Up Access Permissions.

Using this REST API requires prerequisites, such as understanding how to use jobs. See Prerequisites. Be sure that you understand how to use jobs as described in Managing Jobs.

Excel File Format

  • Object Name: The name of the object for which the ACL is defined
  • Name: The name of the user or group for which the ACL is defined
  • Parent: The name of the parent of the object
  • Is User: The flag (Y or N) that determines if the ACL is defined for a user or for a group
  • Object Type: The type of object, for example, Forms folder
  • Access Type: The type of privilege, such as READ or READWRITE
  • Access Mode: Additional information, such as if the ACL is applicable on the descendants
  • Remove: To remove a particular ACL, set this to Y

All possible values:

Object Type:

  • SL_FORM - Form
  • SL_COMPOSITE - Composite Form
  • SL_TASKLIST - Tasklist
  • SL_CALCRULE - Rule
  • SL_FORMFOLDER - Form Folder
  • SL_CALCFOLDER - Rule Folder
  • SL_DIMENSION - Dimension
  • SL_CALCTEMPLATE - Template
  • SL_REPORT - Management Report
  • SL_REPORTSSHOT - Management Report Snapshot

Access Type:

  • NONE - None
  • READ - Read
  • WRITE - Write
  • READWRITE - Read Write
  • LAUNCH - Launch

Access Mode:


CSV File Example:

Object Name,Name,Parent,Is User,Object Type,Access Type,Access Mode,Remove

"Exchange Rates to USD","ats_user3","Y","SL_FORM","READWRITE","MEMBER","N"

"Exchange Rates to USD","ats_user4","Y","SL_FORM","READWRITE","MEMBER","N"

"Exchange Rates to USD","ats_user15","Y","SL_FORM","READ","MEMBER","N"

"Exchange Rates to USD","ats_user10","Y","SL_FORM","NONE","MEMBER","N"

"Calculate Benefits","group_1","N","SL_COMPOSITE","READWRITE","MEMBER","N"


Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the client request parameters specific to this job. For additional parameters that are common to all jobs, see Execute a Job.

Table 6-24 Parameters

Name Description Required Default
jobType Import Security Yes None
jobName The job name to be used for this job execution. Example: ImportSecurity No Import Security
fileName The input CSV file for import. The file containing the ACL records should be present in the Planning Cloud repository. Yes None
clearAll Clear existing access permissions when importing new access permissions. Possible values are true or false No False
errorFile If provided, exports the error messages related to the import operation to this file. The file containing the error messages is stored in the repository. No None

For a sample URL, see Sample URL and Payload in Execute a Job.

Sample Payload

Example 1: Imports security records from the input file ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv. Existing security records are retained.

    "jobType": "Import Security",
    "jobName": "ImportSecurity",
    "parameters": {
        "fileName": "ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv"

Example 2: Imports security records from the input file ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv. Clears existing security records before importing.

    "jobType": "Import Security",
    "jobName": "ImportSecurity",
    "parameters": {
        "fileName": "ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv"
        "clearAll": "true"

Example 3: Imports security records from the input file ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv and exports the error messages to the file SecurityImportErrors.txt. Existing security records are retained.

    "jobType": "Import Security",
    "jobName": "ImportSecurity",
    "parameters": {
        "fileName": "ImportSecurityRecordsFile.csv"
        "clearAll": "true"
        "errorFile": "SecurityImportErrors.txt"