Import Valid Intersections

This REST API imports valid intersections groups from a ZIP file that contains an Excel file with valid intersection definitions into a Financial Consolidation and Close, Planning, or Tax Reporting business process.

The Excel file must be present in the Inbox. You can use the Upload REST API to upload the file. Any rejected records are generated in an Excel file that is zipped and copied to the Outbox.

The following is a general explanation of the Excel file. The file contains two Excel worksheets:

  1. Rules - defines the intersection group, dimensions included, and properties such as Unspecified Valid and Additional Dims Required
  2. Sub Rules - provides member selections and exclusions

The Rules worksheet has the following column headings.

  • Name
  • Position
  • Description
  • Enabled
  • Valid Cubes - This column can contain either All or a list of comma-separate names of cubes, such as Plan1, Plan2
  • Anchor Dim Name
  • Anchor Dimension Apply to Unselected Members
  • Dim1
  • Dim1 Required
  • Dim2
  • Dim2 Required
  • Dim X
  • Dim X Required

The Sub Rules worksheet must have the following column headings:

  • Name - This column must contain the name of the Rule from the first worksheet
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Restriction - This column can contain Deny Read or Deny Write
  • Anchor Members
  • Anchor Exclusion
  • Dim1 Members
  • Dim1 Exclusion
  • Dim2 Members
  • Dim2 Exclusion
  • Dim X Exclusion

Using this REST API requires prerequisites, such as understanding how to use jobs. See Prerequisites. Be sure that you understand how to use jobs as described in Managing Jobs.

REST Resource

POST       /HyperionPlanning/rest/{api_version}/applications/{application}/jobs


Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the client request parameters specific to this job. For parameters that are common to all jobs, see Execute a Job.

Table 5-33 Import Valid Intersections

Name Description Required Default
jobType Import Valid Intersections or IMPORT_VALID_INTERSECTIONS Yes None

The name of the job to be used for this job execution, exactly as it is defined in the application.

Example: ImportVIAccountPeriod

No Import Valid Intersections

The name of the ZIP file containing the input Excel file. The file must be present in the Outbox.

Before using this REST API, you can use the Upload REST API to upload the file.

Yes None

Optionally, identify the name of a text file for recording any errors that occur during the import process. If this is not specified, an error file is auto-generated with a name containing the user name, current date, and time stamp. For example, admin_ImportError_2020-02-26-04-34-45-420.txt.

The file containing the error messages is stored in the Outbox. You can download it using the Download REST API.

No The file name is auto-generated

For a sample URL, see the sample URL and payload in Execute a Job

Example 1: Imports valid intersections records from the input file

    "jobType": "Import Valid Intersections",
    "jobName": "ImportVIJob",
    "parameters": {
        "fileName": ""

Example 2: Imports valid intersections records from the input file and exports the error messages to the file ImportVIRecordsFileLog.txt.

    "jobType": "Import Valid Intersections",
    "jobName": "ImportVIJob",
        "fileName": "",
        "errorFile": "ImportVIRecordsFileLog.txt"